Mold PTSD: Healing Through Neuroplasticity

Fleeing a moldy home has a very strong energetic imprint – fear, loss, shock, devastation, frustration, illness. BIG emotions at play.

The unfortunate (and all too common) reality is that many of us leave one sick home only to land in another. And another. I personally know this path, all too well.

Our thoughts create our reality.

Mold PTSD is very real.

Overcoming these negative emotions is not an easy path, it takes some work.

But it’s so important.

The goal is to not only heal our body from mold toxicity, but to also overcome the negative energetic imprint. Reprogramming our thoughts to allow for more of what we want vs what we don’t want.

✨Vision Board – I always keep a mental vision board of the perfect home in my head. I often dream of my dream kitchen, the sounds of my family’s laughter in the home, my body being at optimal health there, gorgeous yard space/views, feel the immense joy of receiving the key for the first time (seriously, feel the key in your hand) and allow yourself to truly feel the powerful emotions of a yes season. A season where it all works out for you. Hold the vision, trust the process.

✨Neural Retraining – Dr. Joe Dispenza has so much incredible work out on this. The Gupta Method is also a phenomenal program. Stop those negative patterns in their tracks.

✨I AM statements. Moses Code is Powerful work. I AM THAT, I AM… Feel into it. Pull in some delicious words that evoke strong, positive emotions. Remember who you are, in spite of your illness or situation. You are so much more than your current situation.

✨Music – Praise, Kirtan, Dance Music–whatever shifts your negative mood and thoughts. Dance,sing, smile – reclaim your joy when doubt seeps in.


Shift it to work for you, not against you.

You are so much stronger than fear, illness, and doubt.

You’ve got this. Believe it.

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